VDI Manufacturing is an experienced and nimble source for tooling. We specialize in a variety of techniques to provide you with exact, repeatable, and quality products. Our lead times vary depending on the complexity of the project and method utilized.
3D Printed Tooling

With this method, VDI can produce tools in a very short time and very inexpensively. Since applications are limited to small parts manufactured with low-melt, easy-flow materials, this process is ideal for small TPE or Santoprene parts.

Hand-Loaded Aluminum

From a tooling standpoint, hand-loaded aluminum is the most economical solution because it offers the quickest and least expensive prototype tool. This process is ideal for runs of 5,000 pieces. This class of tool is recommended for prototype parts that are needed for testing or if an application is low-volume. Tools are generally guaranteed for 5,000 pieces and can be produced in 2-4 weeks.

Hardened Steel Production

This method involves inserting and manufacturing cores and cavities from hardened steel. These tools are guaranteed for 1 million shots and are recommended for extremely high production quantities and fast cycle times. Hardened steel is the highest price tool and is manufactured only with the highest quality materials.

P-20 Steel Production

Tooling is built from P-20 steel with cams and lifters along with guided ejection, parting line locks, and differential hardness steel actions for longer wear in this method. Tools are guaranteed for 500,000 shots.

Automated Aluminum

Utilizing mechanical actions, this method can manufacture tooling for 25 percent less than a similar P-20 tool and in less time. The use of these tools is recommended for lower- to medium-volume production work. Their capacity includes runs of 50,000-100,000 pieces, depending on part geometry and molding material. VDI has state-of-the-art electric molding machines that can be set up to sense the slightest obstruction or tool wear and shut the machine down prior to causing any tool damage. Furthermore, the VDI 100,000 piece tool guarantee means that we will stand by our claim.

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