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Statistical Process Control

Also known as SPC, statistical process control allows VDI to control process parameter settings on our molding machines including cycle time, charge time, charge torque, cushion, minimum cushion, injection pressure, peak injection pressure, and fill time.

We follow all these parameters very closely to ensure that rejects and potential rejects are discovered immediately and discarded. Repeated within tight tolerances, these parameters enable VDI to produce the exact piece every time. Should an anomaly occur, our fully automated systems send an alarm and the robot, conveyor or machine will isolate the inferior product.

Statistical Process Control

We Also Offer the Following Related Services


Using at least one thermoplastic component, heat staking is the process of joining two components together using heat and force. The thermoplastic component is fused directly to the adjoining piece, eliminating the need for rivets and screws.

This method is particularly useful when dissimilar plastics or a plastic substance and a metal substance need to be joined.

Heat Staking


Also known as tampography, pad printing enables VDI to transfer 2D images onto 3D objects. A design is etched on a cliché and transferred to the desired surface via a silicone pad.

Useful in working with products that cannot be easily printed on otherwise, this technique is helpful in a variety of industries.

Pad Printing


Using a mold containing a pre-placed insert, plastic is injected into a mold to create a single molded plastic piece. A variety of materials can be used for the pre-placed insert, including metals and other plastics.

Utilizing insert molding can save cost by eliminating additional manufacturing steps post molding.

Insert Molding


Production is not the last step of the line at VDI. For products requiring additional processing and construction we offer assembly services.

We can assemble the parts that VDI has molded with nuts, bolts, labels, etc. and package the finished product in white-labeled packaging. These products can be shipped directly to you or your customers or held as part of our stocking program.


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